The TAP Ten Commandments

  1. Only lay a bet when the odds are in your favor.
  2. Bad bets win and good bets lose. Never complain about a bad beat.
  3. Decide if you are betting on sports for entertainment or investing on sports to make a profit.
  4. Turnovers are unpredictable and they are the bane of solid handicapping.
  5. Oddsmakers don’t set the lines, the public does.
  6. If your handicapping service uses the term “Game of the Year” or “Lock” – run.
  7. Fewer than 100 people can sustain win rates of 55%+ over time.
  8. It is just as difficult to go 0-10, as it is to go 10-0.
  9. Line reading is voodoo. Don’t succumb to it.
  10. Find outs. When you are flagged an as advantaged player, you will be asked to take your business elsewhere.